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Tuck School of Business Application is now live (2015/2016)

By Kyle Watkins (last updated: August 6, 2015)
Aerial view of the Dartmouth Campus

Aerial view of the Dartmouth Campus

The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth just announced that its application for the 2015 / 2016 season is now open. There were no significant surprises this year.

Tuck offers four application deadlines

HBS Student Stories

By Kyle Watkins (last updated: March 24, 2015)

As Harvard Business School is about to release a new batch of admissions offers, we thought that prospective applicants would enjoy watching this video. It was released by Harvard in Q4 2013 on youtube, but it still provides a pretty accurate of what HBS is about. Kyle and I even recognized some of our classmates… Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us after watching it; we would love to hear from you ! Good luck to everyone expecting an email from the school this round.


MIT Sloan Round 2 Notifications

By Kyle Watkins (last updated: March 22, 2015)

On Monday, April 6 2015, MIT Sloan will be releasing its round two decisions, putting an end to a pretty busy period, during which Wharton (on March 24), Kellogg, Harvard Business School, Stanford, Darden, Tepper, Cornell (all on March 25), Booth, Haas, McComb and London Business School (March 26), Yale SOM (March 27), and UCLA Anderson (April 2) will release their second round admissions decisions.

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MIT Sloan Fellows Program – Interview Preparation

By Kyle Watkins (last updated: January 19, 2015)

While we regularly write about the MIT Sloan MBA program admissions process, we have also helped a significant number of experienced candidates gain admission to the MIT Sloan Fellows program.

This programs is often described as a 1-year MBA program for leaders who are ready to join the senior leadership ranks at their firm. However, a number of participants (some of which attended classes with me at Harvard – Sloan Fellows can indeed cross-register and take MBA classes there) regularly switch careers after graduation, and several have become successful entrepreneurs over the years.

MIT Sloan just started conducting interviews for the Fellows program, and will continue to do so over the next 10 days. Continue reading

How to Prepare for the Kellogg Video Essay

By Kyle Watkins (last updated: October 15, 2019)

Video interviews are here to stay at Kellogg

Kellogg confirmed last summer that they would once again be asking MBA applicants to go through the video interview questions for the school’s MBA Class of 2017 application. The “video essays” were introduced last year by both Kellogg and Yale SOM (we also analyzed the Yale video essay at length as part of our Analyzing the Applications series). Video interviews help schools compare applicants more directly, as the admissions committee is not only able to watch every applicant’s video (as opposed to seeing just the handful that they interview) but they are also able to juxtapose applicants’ answers directly.

At the same time, the new video essay format induced a lot of anxiety among applicants. However, we do not think there is much cause to be anxious. If you are about to go through the video interview process, we suggest that you read our list of preparation tips in order to increase your odds of making a positive impression on the adcom.

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Cancelling your GMAT score

By Kyle Watkins (last updated: July 7, 2014)

On June 27, 2014, GMAC announced that GMAT candidates would now be able to see their unofficial score before deciding whether to accept or cancel their test score.

This is a significant change for MBA applicants, who will now need to add one step to their GMAT test preparation: a score cancellation strategy session.

Until recently, we systematically recommended GMAT test takers to never cancel their score. It is indeed very common to hear of candidates who scored 700+ GMAT scores while feeling they had performed poorly during the test. I remember almost cancelling a 750 GMAT score myself after answering a string of very easy quant questions towards the end of my test… I incorrectly thought that something had gone terribly wrong.

With GMAC’s recent change, GMAT candidates are now in a position to make an informed decision. Because of the limited time available to click on the accept / reject score buttons (only 2 minutes), we strongly advise test takers to set their cancellation threshold (if any) before taking the test.

Here are a few tips to make your decision easier:
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