How to Prepare for the Wharton Team Based Discussion

By Vincent Ho-Tin-Noe (last updated: October 14, 2019)

Wharton Round 2 Interview Invitations

On February 8, Wharton released invitations to its Group Interviews (“Team Based Discussions” or “The Wharton TBD”). If you haven’t done so already, please review our dedicated post for preparation tips for your team based discussion. As in previous rounds, MBA Admissions Advisors will be helping applicants prepare for this singular exercise.

While we have offered mock Wharton TBDs in the past, we have decided to focus exclusively on 1-1 coaching and strategy sessions with our clients going forward. (You can read some of their reviews here).

This season, we offer the following packages:

  • $395 for one strategy session with one of our firm’s Founders
  • $695 for two strategy sessions with our firm’s Founders

These 60-minute sessions include a mock one-on-one interview, personalized feedback on that mock interview, and a discussion around strategies to adopt and behaviors to display during your Team Based Discussion.

In order to register for strategy sessions, we ask you to send us an email with the following information:

  1. The package you are interested in
  2. 3 to 5 suggested time slots that are convenient for you
  3. A copy of your resume (in pdf format) that you submitted along with your Wharton application
  4. Your Skype ID
  5. The time and location of your Wharton TBD
  6. A signed copy of our Terms and Conditions

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any additional questions.

Good luck!

“Looking for ways to prepare for a group interview, I stumbled across one of Kyle’s blog posts, which changed my perspective towards my TBD preparation and lead me to participate in one of the mock group interviews organized by MBA Admissions Advisors. The mock TBD was conducted in a professional manner, and the organizers ensured that participants would not be interviewing together for their actual Wharton interview. Before the mock TBD, I had no idea of what to expect, but the session boosted my confidence, making it a key component in my preparation for my actual interview at Wharton. The personal feedback I received from Vincent after the mock TBD was extremely thorough and to the point. It reflected how closely the organizers monitored each participant in the mock TBD. Vincent suggested multiple ways to improve my performance during a 1 on 1 debrief session, which I found extremely valuable. If you are preparing for a Wharton TBD, I would definitely recommend participating in one of the practice sessions offered by Vincent & Kyle. As a future member of Wharton’s class of 2016, I’m glad I did.” H., Wharton MBA Class of 2016

“Just to let you know that I was accepted in Wharton!! Thank you very much for assisting me in the prep season!” A. T.

“I had a great experience for Mock TBD hosted by Kyle and Vincent. I was able to get a preview of the dynamics of team discussion at TBD and understand what to expect during the real interview. Kyle also helped me tremendously in terms of how to structure my opening speech and how to interject and guide the discussion. The whole preparation helped boost my confidence and it’s very critical especially for me who is not a native speaker.” “ Anonymous

“I got the offer from Wharton (and with fellowship)!! … Thanks for your great help as well as deep care (this is very important) throughout the process. The time spent with you guys turned out to be indeed helpful.” C.

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