About us

MBA Admissions Advisors was founded in 2013 by Vincent Ho-Tin-Noe and Kyle Watkins, two Harvard Business School graduates. MBA Admissions Advisors work with clients from all over the World.

Picture of Vincent Ho-Tin-Noe, MAA co-founderVincent Ho-Tin-Noe (Harvard Business School, MBA class of 2013)

An international applicant, Vincent had 9 years of pre-MBA experience when he was admitted to the HBS class of 2013. He navigated the admissions process almost entirely on his own, scoring a 750 GMAT after only 6 weeks of preparation with no outside help.

Although well into his 30s when he applied, Vincent received admissions offers from some of the world’s most prestigious MBA programs, including HBS (where he was a third-round applicant), Kellogg, Booth’s executive MBA program, London Business School, IMD, and ESADE.

Before earning his MBA, Vincent had worked in several industries, including Private Equity (Axa PE), Automotive (Renault-Nissan), Tech (Dell), and e-Commerce (Amazon). While at HBS, he interned at leading consulting firm, and has since worked for Zalora, a leading fashion retailer in Asia.

Vincent currently lives in London.

Kyle Watkins, MAA co-founderKyle Watkins  (Harvard Business School, MBA class of 2013)

Kyle applied to business school only one year after graduating college, making him among the youngest applicants admitted to Harvard Business School. However, during his time in college he also worked for nearly two years as a paid finance staffer for President Obama’s 2008 campaign, and he went on to work in the White House on the National Economic Council and in the Office of Management and Budget before matriculating to business school.

Leveraging his background as a journalism minor to write compelling essays, he worked for months to shape his personal brand. Coupled with a 770 on the GMAT and a strong undergraduate GPA, his narrative propelled him to admission at HBS, his first-choice school and the only program to which he applied.

Since graduating HBS, he has joined the Chicago-based startup Networked Insights.

Your Personal MBA Admissions Consultants

Through our personal experiences, we have been able to build a second-to-none understanding of the MBA admissions process in the U.S. and Europe, including expertise in the following topic areas:

  • Mapping out an application strategy
  • Honing GMAT preparation
  • Building a personal brand
  • Creating a professional resume
  • Writing outstanding essays
  • Finding recommenders who will write impactful letters
  • Preparing for admissions interviews
  • Navigating the waitlist process
  • Dealing with the post-admission process (applying for scholarships, ensuring a smooth background check process with firms such as Re Vera or Kroll)

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