Services and Prices

Sign up with MBA Admissions Advisors and you’ll work directly with one of the founders. As graduates of Harvard Business School, we have successful first-hand experience applying to top-tier MBA programs in the United States and internationally. We are equipped to help applicants at any stage in the process, whether you are a year away from applying and still mapping your approach or you’ve already applied and are trying to navigate the wait-list process.

We offer several pricing plans to provide candidates with options that suit their individual needs. First, we offer a free initial profile assessment. Just email us a little about yourself, a copy of your resume, your basic stats (including test scores and GPA), and any other documents you have prepared.  We will give you advice tailored to your application, and we will answer any questions or concerns you have about the application process. For those candidates interested in additional consultation, we offer an hourly rate for any of our services, flat fees for select services, and comprehensive packages for unlimited support. Just choose the option that works best for you:

Initial profile assessment
30 minutes (limited availability) Free (email us!)
Resume review
Flat fee $395
GMAT Preparation
Hourly rate $245
10-hour preparation package (+1 free hour) $2,450
School packages (unlimited support)
One school $3,495
Two schools $4,495
Three schools $4,995
Five schools Straight payment: $5,495 OR
Success fee: $3,995 (upfront) + $2,995 (upon admission only)
Hourly Consultation (any topic)
1 hour $395
10-hour package (+2 extra hours for free) $3,950
Interview preparation (individual and group interviews)
Interview preparation with debrief $395
Interview preparation package: 2 mock interviews with debrief $695
Interview preparation package: 1 mock interview and 1-hour strategy session $695
Video interview preparation (Yale, Kellogg) – Mock interview and phone debrief (15 minutes) $175
Full application review before submission
Full application review and feedback (includes 30-minute phone debrief) $495
Ding analysis
Full profile review and feedback (includes 45-minute phone debrief) $495